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T-Shirt Quilts

I get many requests and questions about t-shirt quilts. They’re a great way to keep those commemorative shirts and display them in a re-purposed way. I’ve made t-shirt quilts for high school and college graduation gifts, and as memorial items to help remember a loved one. They make amazing, one of a kind gifts.

For up to date pricing information about t-shirt quilts please check out this page.

If you’re interested in having me create a quilt from your old shirts, the most important thing is to NOT cut them! Let me do the cutting. It is the best way to make sure I have enough of the shirt for whatever design we choose, and I know exactly the best method to cut them uniformly and exactly what I need.

After I cut the shirts I always use a stabilizer to help maintain the integrity and shape of the shirt. T-shirts by nature are made from a stretchy knit fabric, and not all of them have the same amount of give or stretch. Stabilizing them will help the quilt to keep its shape and help it to last longer.

I’ll work with you to pick out the best design for the quilt. We’ll use as many shirts as we can, but depending on the design we may not be able to use each one. We can always get creative and use multiple shirts for a single block, use shirts for the back of the quilt, etc. I’m experienced and able to create. Depending on the number of shirts and how big you want the quilt we’ll find the perfect pattern. Give thought if you want to use any sashing which can be a great way to add color and create visual boarders.

After I create the quilt top we’ll choose which batting to use. I always keep a variety in stock and I’ll help you decide which one will do best with the design and be the right weight/feel. The final steps are quilting and binding. I have access to a vast library of different quilting designs that will help your piece look beautiful and tie your design together.

If you’re interested in having me create a t-shirt quilt for your special shirts please contact me. I’ll love to make a special piece to keep your memories safe and create an heirloom piece.

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